Wedding Lighting Ideas

Just a few types of Lighting Equipment and Services we offer.

  • Uplighting is adding color to the room to help it tie into your theme, by using neutral or saturated colors. 

  • Accent lighting on the bar, escort card table and wedding cake to name a few gives them a life of their own. 


  • Pattern wash on the Dance Floor, Ceilings or Walls can add texture and depth to the room.  


  • Pinspotting is a focused light aimed at your floral centerpieces.                         

  • A Custom Monogram of your names, initials, or almost anything can be created and projected onto a flat surface.

  • LED color changing fixtures, gives us the ability to change the color of the room. We offer high output battery powered fixtures for venues with little or no power. 

  • Dance Floor, Band & DJ lighting packages to fit the location & feel of you wedding reception. Remember we offer Risers, Staging & elegant drape backdrops too. 

  • Landscape lighting, Market & Lantern lighting.